Px6 Patient Experience App

What is Px6?

Px6 Patient Experience AppPatient Experience – 6 “Px6” is the platform which will transform your patient access team into Patient Experience Consultants.  It is a new, revolutionary, fully customizable app which gives patients the ability to request and arrive to your facility financially cleared and prepared for their healthcare appointment, thus allowing your staff to focus solely on the patient’s experience at and during the time of service.



What can Px6 do for my facility?

Founded on principles which must be in place for a solid patient experience, Px6 offers hospitals and healthcare providers up to 6 core functions to your facility and patients. They include:

  1. Request an Appointment: Allow patients a convenient and accessible vehicle by which to request an appointment at your facility.  Either next available or at a specific location – not a problem.
  2. Appointment Details and Status: Give patients immediate access to times, location, and status of their specific appointment.  Does the patient need to complete a task in order to fast-track to their destination – push notifications will alert them to their own “to-do’s.” Example statuses include:
    • FASTRACKED:  Patient is financially cleared and prepared for their appointment. They may present directly to the department or Fastrack lane on the day of their service.
    • IN PROCESS:  The appointment is being processed and cleared financially. Pieces like authorization, eligibility and estimates are being determined and processed by the facility.
    • ALERT:  Alert could signal issues with authorization, eligibility, and more. Alert Status can be used to signal a patient to call or contact your facility or physician for any reason. All our statuses are completely customizable to reflect the operational processes within your facility.
  3. Appointment Preparations: Give patients immediate access to view and read their specific appointment preparations (usually verbalized over the phone) which can be recalled at any time through their smart phone or device.   Patients can even download their actual Order to the facility, diverting confusion and scheduling mishaps.
  4. Facility & Department Directions and Internal Content: Give patients directions to both your facility and the department which their appointment is being performed. Facilities may also use Px6 to push facility specific content about events, educational in-services, and offerings happening in your facility.
  5. Patient Payments: Give patients the ability to pay any estimate of cost for their specific appointment.
  6. Appointment Feedback: Allow patients to give immediate feedback on their appointment as part of a global Patient Experience initiative.  Real-time, immediate responses can be uploaded for your Patient Experience team to perform rapid service recovery.

Why leverage Px6 app technology?

Year over year, more and more people download and use apps (Generation X and Millennials) – especially healthcare apps. Additionally, through expanded insurance coverage via the Affordable Care Act, Generation X and Millennials represent an ever-increasing patient population in the U.S. and healthcare providers must begin including apps in their business channels to attract and treat this population.

px6 patient experience app


*Source: Data provided by the PEW Research Center & Experian Marketing 2014

How will Px6 impact my organization?

Give patients a higher degree of accessibility to scheduling, preparing and paying for an appointment. We believe in doing so, your organization will:

  1. Increase revenue and pave the way for a growing group of patients who utilize this technology (Millennials).
  2. Accelerate cash by allowing patients to quickly and conveniently pay for their service prior to the time of service.
  3. Reduce no-shows, cancelations and wait times by giving your patients the information they need prior to their appointment. Reduce the likelihood of cancelations, improve adherence to appointment preps, and give patients information on where and what time to present for their appointment.  
  4. Improve the Patient Experience through fast tracking and improve service recovery times for patients who had a less-than-exceptional patient experience at your facility.