Patient Happiness System

Reimbursement is changing and you must realign efforts to sustain revenue.   Patient Experience is not negotiable, it is essential.  Leading organizations are moving beyond surveys which attempt to specifically identify where improvements could be made in care delivery, facility environment, friendliness of staff, ease of throughput, discharge and more.

Though these surveys have a place in the industry and are mandated, they do not lend themselves to timely, patient-specific, and actionable service recovery. That is where our trademarked Patient Happiness System™ is different.


Why the Patient Happiness System Is Different

Emotionally Connect – Within healthcare we are not just attempting to provide a service but also forge an emotional connection with our patients. Though a patient could be satisfied with their service, they may not have had a pleasant experience, or they may be sad due to an outcome … nonrelated to their visit. Emotional connection will garner the most loyal patient outcomes.

Actionable & real time feedback – experience must be more immediate (submitted by patient and returned within 24/48 hours) and actionable. Move away from the 30, 60, 90 day feedback spiral for your Service Recovery program.

Rounding via app, Texting or Interactive Voice Response Technology – Pre-cursor to HCAHPS, EDCHAPS, CGCAHPS and other lengthy surveys, patients can feel bombarded and many times experience “survey fatigue” - symptoms include partially completed surveys, ignored surveys or low response rate in general. Give the patients a quick an easy venue to express where improvements can be made.

Service Recovery – Arm the right people with the right information to enact service recovery tactics in a timely and specific way (especially on negative feedback). Deploy faster feedback which gives the facility a better chance to make things right with the patient.

Let me be me – We understand patients may want to provide anonymous feedback if they feel negative backlash, or if they want to be heard and dealt with name known. Your choice, your feedback venue. Patient and family driven.


How is the Patient Happiness System™ Delivered?

HealthWide Solutions can facilitate the Patient Happiness survey in multiple ways including phone, email, SMS/Text and through our propriety Patient Experience App, Px6. Harnessing multiple survey delivery vehicles which are contemporary, affordable and accessible across all age groups and demographics ensures maximum response rate.


Reporting For Service Recovery

The Patient Happiness System™ is more than just surveying. Compiling the survey data received back from your patients into something meaningful and actionable…and getting that information to the right people is crucial. Once installed, HealthWide Solutions will work with your internal resources in developing a Service Recovery Road Map and a performance report card which will serve to track overall improvement (or slippage) of your Patient Happiness Score™ and the unique footprint of each patient and how they scored your facility in the past.

With our technology, key pieces of your PX strategy can succeed. Patients can receive a text or IVR call post discharge or during rounding which allows them to rate how they feel and leave a confidential message in their own words. Messages are then categorized for action.

  • IVR calling with ability for patient or family to leave message in their own words
  • Flagging, routing and reporting to key personnel for service recovery
  • Staff recognition reporting
  • Patient footprint – ability to tie patient back to specific scores to gauge their happiness and instill patient loyalty


Easily report out the footprint of key elements including employee kudos, physician and nurse feedback.


  • Compliment
  • Complaint
  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Registration
  • Communication
  • Parking
  • Environmental Services
  • Pain/Comfort
  • Noise
  • Cleanliness
  • Waiting Area (ED, Lobby, Treatment Room, Discharge)
  • Coordination of Care


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