Kloehn + Associates

We are pleased to announce the PX consulting division of HealthWide Solutions llc, Kloehn + Associates.
Kloehn + Associates provides in-depth consulting services around key touch points that have the greatest impact on reimbursement, cash flow and patient experience scores. These areas include the following:

  • Pre-Arrival - utilize HealthWide Solutions Px6 app to schedule, inform, remind and direct your patients to their service. This app provides full service financial clearance and the ability for your patients to fast track to the point of destination within your facility rather than queuing up in your lobby. Px6 provides the patient a means to rate their experience through the app a day after their service, allowing for rapid service recovery to occur if needed.
  • Clinical - engage clinicians with proper scripting, rounding and patient centric responses to questions or scenarios. Kloehn and Associates provides workshops for the entire patient facing team, aligning actions with proven results geared to improve hcahp scores, value based purchasing and lower readmissions. Rounding classes gear your administration to gauge the pulse of the patient and understand key concepts.
  • Kloehn + Associates staff can also provide REDE training programs to increase CGCAHPS outcomes, resulting in doctor communication scores.
  • Learn about the importance of aligning organizational culture with a patient-centered care approach.
  • Gain insight into the infrastructure areas that healthcare organizations are focusing on for patient experience improvements over the next three years.
  • Reorganize the top three areas where healthcare organizations say having a positive patient experience is most important.
  • Financial - a happy patient equals a patient willing to pay their out of pocket expenses. Through our extensive CBO work over, patients will not be disgruntled with the final experience with you... Paying their final bill. Kloehn and Associates readies your CBO for the future, providing consulting services geared toward happy employees and happy patients. We can assist you in setting up an entire virtual CBO, Call Center, or breakaway team on any capacity