Maximize The Margin To Protect The Mission

Yes—“Cash is still KING!” Even the noblest of missions can’t survive without it. The single most critical financial problem facing many hospitals
today is cash flow. Receivables have long been undervalued as an excellent opportunity to improve Cash flow. This book will attempt to change that perception.
“Cash is still KING!” is a wealth of information to improve hospital cash flow, but this book is about more than profits. It serves as a reminder why hospitals exist,
their mission: To provide excellent health care, with superior “patient experiences.” And it is about how to carry out that mission:  improving the bottom line, the
margin, while improving patient satisfaction. And it’s about those people who make it happen! Delve into these pages and you will find expert opinion, advice and
hard facts about the current and future health care financial environment.

“I love the what is packed in the covers of this book. Dave reminds us of the importance of value and that how we treat people effects the success of our bottom line. Most of us entered healthcare with a desire of taking care of our community’s medical needs and this book helps us to accomplish this task. No matter how good our healthcare system is today, it is always at “risk” and this book provides a golden nugget in each chapter that challenges us to do better.. and recognize that Cash is Still King. "

- Sharon Scruggs

Manager Contract and Collections,Fairfield Medical Center

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     Topics Covered Include:

  • The Future of Hospitals and their Role in Finance: A reason for optimism in spite of financial hurdles and shortage of cash.
  • If Cash is King, Patient Experience is Queen: Why hospitals that provide positive patient experiences are more likely to have positive clinical and financial outcomes
  • Hospital Uncollectibles: A Killer to Cash. How to reverse high write-offs and improve cash.
  • Visualize the Possible: Profiles of five executives who have been successful in managing the Revenue Cycle of their hospitals.
  • “The Game Plan.” The key ingredients to success and how to get there.
  • Why this is the Best Time for Hospitals. Optimism will reign for those who grasp the mission.

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About The Authors

David Zimmerman

David Zimmerman was the founder of a successful revenue cycle consulting firm, Zimmerman & Associates, which helped well over 400 healthcare providers maintain healthy cash flow positions within ever-changing times of healthcare reimbursement. In addition to consulting, David has written over ten healthcare books, which touch on patient satisfaction to motivating employees and successful collations. As a nationally recognized lecturer, consultant and author of ten books on hospital finance, he has more than 30 years of successful experience in guiding hospital turnaround across the country. This book is a follow-up to his original publication, "Cash is King", which won him critical acclaim in the healthcare industry.

Patricia Klohen

Patricia Kloehn, President and CEO of HealthWide Solutions, is a dynamic leader and accomplished revenue cycle expert, having accelerated financial performance of over 300-health systems nationwide.  She is the author of more than 20 Revenue Cycle Training Manuals, newsletters on Customer Service and e-learning products. Prior to building her current consulting business, Ms. Kloehn founded Organizational Development Corporation and launched a newsletter called Re-Designing Customer Service, which touched on service excellence above and beyond healthcare.  Subscribers included several Fortune 500 companies.

This is one of the most remarkable books I have read in my 50 years in healthcare. Kudos to the authors David Zimmerman and Patricia Kloehn! This book will not only energize the most jaded healthcare executive, but it also shows that focusing on cash does not make the mission less important. In fact, the two go hand in hand! 

- Chuck Lauer

Former Publisher of Modern Healthcare