Pricing Transparency

Pre-Access, Centralized Scheduling & Financial Clearance Hub

​​Physician practices spanning large geographical areas and specialties often rely on their own internal office staff to schedule procedures, provide pricing estimates and collect on monies due. Due to the varied tasks staff are responsible for on a daily basis, patients are often not financially cleared upfront and may have sizeable balances due.

Pricing Transparency Plan

If you haven’t centralized your pre-access processes, you may be missing significant financial leverage and consistency of protocol. Your processes …from physician referral to scheduling, pre-registration, insurance verification, pre-certification, financial clearance/assistance and lastly patient entry should all follow a consistent well documented plan whereby your health system obtains all the necessary documentation prior to patient entry – for both acute and ambulatory care alike.

HWS can provide a complete pricing transparency plan

  • Scripting requests for patient payment throughout pre-registration and at time of service.
  • Standardizing up-front collections through deposits or pricing transparency software solutions.
  • Collecting prior balances and offering prompt pay discounts.
  • Offering financial assistance to patients who cannot afford care.