Patient Instructions/Orders

Patient Instructions/Orders

Regardless of size physician practices often do not offer patients contemporary customized instructions on a pre and post-op level to address their specific disease or situation. Rather, poor quality copies of instructions may be provided or general statements given – lower salt intake, lower cholesterol, etc.

Additionally, instructions can be confusing to patients, resulting in the patients not being ready for their test or procedure and having to then reschedule their appointment. Eating a “light meal” may have an entirely different meaning for two individual patients. 

Customized Patient Education

​​HWS can assist in organizing and designing specific patient instructions and pre and post-op orders. Instructions can be provided telephonically or PDF and text messages can be sent specifically to patients from their physicians. 

Additionally, our Your Stronger Self program can provide excellent dietary instructions for patients and staff to follow, providing recipes with solid guidelines on how to reverse common medical issues.