Pre-Access Functionality

Centralized Scheduling, Registration/Check-In, Financial Clearance Hub

​Often, front office staff operate within a silo, whereby singular job functions are performed. This approach leads to multiple phone calls and/or touches of a patient’s account. Every time an employee touches an account further cost to collect increases, chances of error increase, and patients can become frustrated or begin to tune out the message.

For this reason, combining job functions can be an effective way to increase staff performance and decrease patient encounters.

Scheduling & Financial Clearance

​HWS can assist in rolling out a tight Pre-Access Financial Clearance Process.


  • Collect insurance and demographic information with CPT code or procedure
  • Verify insurance electronically
  • Estimate patient portion due
  • Discuss pre-op instructions


  • Verify patient demographic information
  • Collect payment or defer/delay treatment if necessary
  • Collect prior bad debts
  • Establish payment option/plans or charity care

Patient Account Self Pay Clearance

  • Determine charity care eligibility
  • Assist with any necessary financial assistance forms


  • Confirm demographic information
  • Request payment, review payment options if needed.