Call Centers

Call Centers

​The most detrimental hurdles that plague many Call Centers include:

  • Conflict of interest -Activities, actions and tasks are often being pursued in a vacuum or indirect conflict with high level organizational priorities - for example, a goal may to be to schedule all high volume cases quickly (mammograms), while high dollar cases (surgeries) receive less prompt attention and may be booked out several weeks or even month

  • Lack of contemporary KPIs- Lack of tracking operational guidelines and statistics or allowing key quality measures to fall outside acceptable parameters

  • Poor performance- Agents that are performing below the norm due to ineffective tools, poor training, low morale, mixed priorities

  • Technology shortfalls- Lack of pertinent historic and real-time monitoring and engagement tools and/or ineffective scheduling system build

Call Center Assistance

​HWS can effectively redesign your Call Center and assist you in resolving your most pressing, burning issues ultimately making operational units more aware, responsive and nimble yet focused on patient satisfaction and end results.

In order to truly change actions and habits, it is important to gain the attention of individuals tasked with responding (Call Center agents and management) by facilitating a scoreboard of operational performance. Many of the tasks revolve around the need for employees and managers to understand their very own dashboard; a control panel which monitors key metrics that have been determined and are in alignment with organizational goals.

Call Centers where HealthWide Solutions can help:

  • Scheduling
  • Pre-Registration Hub
  • Facility Operators
  • Dietary

Technology analysis and optimization plan 
Current technology utilized for Scheduling and Pre-Access/Financial Clearance functions will be analyzed. Call system, call routing functionality, message/time/location reminders, ability to identify call volumes, abandonment rates, and outbound revenue enhancing messaging will be analyzed.