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Groundwork for Downstream Success - 3 Goals

​Front office staff play a key role in driving overall revenue cycle performance in three primary ways:

1. Effective patient education on patient benefits/coverage/monies owed current or past

2. Effective insurance verification and if required obtaining prior authorizations for service, this step includes entering patient demographic information that is critical for ensuring clean claims

3. Lastly, effective communication regarding clinical expectations prior to service such as pre-service instructions/orders and even pre-service logistics to make service easier.

Yet, deficient processes, poor communication and limited technology may prevent front offices from fully meeting these critical performance mandates. Rather than preparing the patient for a successful clinical and financial interaction, patients are often left confused about pre-op orders, unclear of their financial coverage and left wondering what their actual out of pocket expenses will be.

Front office success

​HWS can assist in developing a solid POS collection plan from insured patients and establishing payment expectations for self pay patients, additionally collecting outstanding patient balances from prior visits. A service-rendering plan can be implemented whereby a sound authorization policy can be implemented across the board - aligning both physicians and staff. Lastly, pre-service scripting and orders can be analyzed and built into technology as well as any logistical instructions for patients.